There is an awful lot going on in Spain at present, namely the independence row going on between Catalonia and Spain. It’s in the news no matter where you look at the moment and rightly so, it’s a big issue. If you were to mention Spain to anyone, the first thing that it is going to come up will be the aforementioned referendum and such.

What about if you were to ask them about football? Barcelona would get brought up, so would Real Madrid undoubtedly. Maybe even Diego Simeone’s Atletico. I can tell you someone who won’t. CD Almunecar City.

CD Almunecar City. For those of you that are reading this, I want you to remember that name.

The team is a phoenix that has risen from the ashes of A.D Almunecar 77 who, sadly, like what so many clubs do, simply ran out of money. So, think of CD Almunecar City (CDAC) as the Spanish AFC Wimbledon or Aldershot Town.

Now, what is different between CDAC and the two aforementioned English clubs is that CDAC are embarking on their journey now. So think of Aldershot Town in 1992 and AFC Wimbledon in 2002.

With the international town of Almunecar missing their weekly dose of senior football, and the elite Academy of FC Malaga City looking for a home for their Academy players to progress into, it made perfect sense that the two came together.

After two years of planning, CD Almunecar City rose from the ashes of Almunecar 77, led by the owner/head coach George Jermy, an ex-pro from Norwich, Spurs and Bournemouth who also played in Spain, Australia and the USA.

Jermy created his academy four years ago and as well as them playing in La Liga Academy sides all across Spain, it was always his dream to enter them into the Spanish football league system. With Almunecar needing football once again, the creation of CDAC is perfectly timed.

Location wise, it couldn’t be more ideal, it’s just a ten-minute walk from the illustrious Andalusia Coast to their fantastic 4,000 seater stadium. As it stands, CDAC are 6 promotions away from La Liga. A staggering FORTY-TWO goals have been scored in the first six league games this season so, if the early results are to go by, promotion number one should be on the cards.

The first goal for the club is to get two promotions which mean they would be eligible to play in the Copa Del Rey, so a draw could happen against one of the giants that was mentioned earlier, which would set the club up for a long, long time.

So, if you are in Spain, or are planning on visiting, take a trip down and go and take a game in, in the glorious sunshine, beer in hand, and marvel in a club that will get back to its rightful position in the pyramid, sooner rather than later.

As I said at the beginning of this, do not think that CDAC will be a flash in the pan, because waves are being made and they're bloody big ones at that.

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