B Team Fixtures Announced

This season we have introduced our “B” team which will compete in the Tercera Andaluza Granada, the same league in which our first team successfully won the title last year. Let’s hope our B team can replicate last year’s fantastic achievement in this division.

The fixture list is as follows:

Kick-off times for each matchday to be confirmed by Monday of that respective week

September 30th 2018: C.D. Santa Fe (A)

October 7th 2018: Sporting Padul C.D. (H)

October 14th 2018: C.D. La Paz (A)

October 21st 2018: Recreativo Órgiva (H)

October 28th 2018: Juventud Sexitana B (A)

November 4th 2018: Jayena C.F. (H)

November 11th 2018: Alhambra Balompié (A)

November 18th 2018: Cullar Vega C.F. B (H)

November 25th 2018: Benalúa 2004 C.F. (A)

December 2nd 2018: U.D. Escóznar (H)

December 9th 2018: Deportivo Comarcal (A)

December 16th 2018: Montefrío C.F. (H)


January 13th 2019: C.D. Puntalón (A)

January 20th 2019: C.F. La Mahalá (H)

January 27th 2019: C.D. Santa Fe (H)

February 3rd 2019: Sporting Padul C.D. (A)

February 10th 2019: C.D La Paz (H)

February 17th 2019: Recreativo Órgiva (A)

February 24th 2019: Juventud Sexitana B (H)

March 3rd 2019: Jayena C.F. (A)

March 10th 2019: Alhambra Balompié (H)

March 17th 2019: Cullar Vega C.F. B (A)

March 24th 2019: Benalúa 2004 C.F. (H)

March 31st 2019: U.D Escóznar (A)

April 7th 2019: Deportivo Comarcal (H)

April 14th 2019: Montefrío C.F. (A)

May 5th 2019: C.D. Puntalón (H)

May 12th 2019: C.F La Mahalá (A)

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