Kick-off times for each matchday to be confirmed by Monday of that respective week


September 30th 2018: C.D. Santa Fe (A) Win 3-2

October 7th 2018: Sporting Padul C.D. (H)

October 14th 2018: C.D. La Paz (A)

October 21st 2018: Recreativo Órgiva (H)

October 28th 2018: Juventud Sexitana B (A)

November 4th 2018: Jayena C.F. (H)

November 11th 2018: Alhambra Balompié (A)

November 18th 2018: Cullar Vega C.F. B (H)

November 25th 2018: Benalúa 2004 C.F. (A)

December 2nd 2018: U.D. Escóznar (H)

December 9th 2018: Deportivo Comarcal (A)

December 16th 2018: Montefrío C.F. (H)


January 13th 2019: C.D. Puntalón (A)

January 20th 2019: C.F. La Mahalá (H)

January 27th 2019: C.D. Santa Fe (H)

February 3rd 2019: Sporting Padul C.D. (A)

February 10th 2019: C.D La Paz (H)

February 17th 2019: Recreativo Órgiva (A)

February 24th 2019: Juventud Sexitana B (H)

March 3rd 2019: Jayena C.F. (A)

March 10th 2019: Alhambra Balompié (H)

March 17th 2019: Cullar Vega C.F. B (A)

March 24th 2019: Benalúa 2004 C.F. (H)

March 31st 2019: U.D Escóznar (A)

April 7th 2019: Deportivo Comarcal (H)

April 14th 2019: Montefrío C.F. (A)

May 5th 2019: C.D. Puntalón (H)

May 12th 2019: C.F La Mahalá (A)

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